Why buy a dress when you can rent it!!!


Wow!! I have a party this weekend..immediate nightmare that strikes is what dress do I wear. The only thing we do the entire week is to think of all possible dresses. But the issues with grand dresses are:

*you must have worn that dress to a party earlier with few common party mates.

*The dress might not fit properly.

*Not all can afford a grand dress for each function

So when I had this situation I looked for dress rentals that rent special occasion costumes.By this I can save money yet look fabulous. Unfortunately I couldn’t find many such stores. The ones I spotted had few issues:

*The cost is way too costly. When the cost is this high, people would rather buy a less grand new dress.

*This facility is not available in all cities. Especially my city Chennai  doesn’t have many such stores.

Fabric start ups and boutiques have an amazing opportunity in developing this business.

You could try the following:

*offer free alterations.

*take bulk orders.

*offer similar dresses in bulk like for braidesmaids.

*free trial before choosing.

Free advice..lena he tho lo 😉 else the e-commerce giants will take over 😛

The Beginning

A very usual thing evident in almost all homes. The very moment we sneak into the only room, we enter rarely in our home….THE KITCHEN 😀 ….mom snarls with the auto recorded note, “being a girl you are supposed to know how to cook the chicken 65 which u  juz stole.” ha ha..yea it was a dialogue out of care n we ought to learn it as well. But why was the word “being a girl” used . Doesn’t a guy eat chicken 65, if he does will the spicy dish fall in his plate with a thud from the sky!!??. People in white ,boldly hold their mic in air n walk along a rally supporting women but when they step into their den(home) expecting hot idlis on table from their wives who returned home probably a minute earlier, where is the motive fulfilled. When two young minds are wedded n the girl deals with outdoor chores including getting home the 30kgs rice bag,no doubt she stands as a massive hero for almost all men and women of her colony. Toddlers being spoon fed in streets by their mother, point out at that women and tell stories of her heroism which wouldn’t have even existed.cool! wait a minute..think of the jealousy and ill thoughts in the minds of a mother when his married son prepares breakfast for his wife. She would in fact while away all her life cursing her daughter-in-law and neither would the husband proudly announce in his office gang that he prepared the breakfast that morning. They consider it a symbol of shame. Well,there are always exceptions. I am just talking about the majority. Giving women her space, after 8pm in roads is their last demand. Giving them their space in her home is the need of the hour. WHY DON’T YOU GIVE A TRY 🙂